Passive-Agressive Intro, Simply Stated Overview.

I feel it prudent to not state the obvious as my first blog post. For example, beginning with ‘Hello, world! This is my first blog post!’ seems unnecessary and cliché. Although, writing about how I don’t want to talk about how this is my first post is kinda passive-aggressivley talking about how this is my first blog post.

Oh, well.

This blog will hopefully be a collection of graphic design pointers, personal opinions, observational thoughts and fun stuff I want to make even though I don’t get paid for it. I plan to condense what I write into snippets and images I can post on social media. So I don’t think many people will end reading this at all, since I’m basically putting summaries out into the internet, and why would someone read the whole thing if they don’t have to? Why did you read this far, anyway? I commend you, but if you’d put your reason in the comments section, my curiosity and I would much appreciate.

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